Scared of the dentist? Worried about your teeth? Sit back and relax. At Harrah Dentistry & Braces, we offer conscious sedation so you can sleep while you have your work done. Our procedure for helping you relax is simple, safe, and effective.

Oral sedation dentistry allows patients to undergo dental treatment in a safe, controlled, and comfortable environment. It is fantastic for those patients who have avoided the dentist out of fear or who might have time restrictions due to school or work.

Sedation dentistry can effectively help a patient become as comfortable and relaxed as possible using well established, proven-safe protocols given comfortably without needles. These protocols can be customized for the patient’s individual emotional and physical needs.

Sometimes referred to as ‘relaxation’, ‘sleep’ or ‘anxiety free’ dentistry, this comfortable care is now available to the Harrah community.

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